note that beautiful jacket collar.
one side wraps to the other, with a slight twist in the middle.


the writing on the back of this photo was in german.
it was such spectacular hand-writing, i couldn't even read it.

i think it might be the first day of school.
that, and he's the coolest kid in town.

but what really struck me is the alliance of the three shadows.
you can't plan that kind of beautiful shit.


there's nothing written on the back of this photo to honestly say where it is.
but i always imagined: wedding. in england. he's an author.  she's works for a magazine.  they met while she was interviewing him.  in awe.  enamored with his talent.  

but, the weird thing is, he ends up being much more obsessed and in-love with her by the time this photo is taken.

they didn't invite anyone to the wedding.  a guy passing on the street took this pic.


oh, the clarity.
the very thing that drew me to this, one of the first old photos i'd bought, was the clarity, the brightness:  Of his eyes, of the bottles, of the painting behind them.
it shone.
it still shines for me.


i looked at this picture hundreds of times.
and never noticed that there is a little boy running behind the man with the cowboy hat until my brother asked me, incredulously, if there wasn't a little baby's hand at the very edge of the carriage.


the most interesting looking farm family.  seemingly dour.  hysterically funny.